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This website lists the various projects I have worked on over the past ten years, as well hosts some interactive utilities and webapps I wrote.

I attended University of Texas at Austin and have worked for Microsoft, and now for

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This website runs on a C++ server I wrote from scratch. It runs on a computer in my house.
The source code for the server and the applications that run on it are in this GitHub repo: WebServerVexal GitHub
Https is supported for this site; to use it put it in the url directly.

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baumkuchena (id: 158)2018-08-02 09:50:50192.168.8.42
have a nice day

baumkuchena (id: 158)2018-08-02 09:39:51192.168.8.42
good morning

baumkuchena (id: 158)2018-08-02 09:34:34192.168.8.42
hello vexal

%3Cscript%3Ealert%281%29%3C%2Fscript%3E (id: 157)2017-11-29 08:13:09192.168.8.42
scriptalertAlways gotta be sure amirite/script Also nice capcha system :

aydin (id: 156)2017-11-21 03:30:31192.168.8.42
great job buddy keep going with the great work :

doom (id: 155)2017-04-26 07:20:49155.4.14.16
doom honk best hack ever

vexal (id: 1)2017-03-04 15:14:0772.182.43.183
To contact me directly use one of the social media links. I havent implemented a way to respond directly to comments yet. And I dont want to make this comment page require an email.

tester (id: 152)2017-03-01 03:21:1184.151.141.8
Hello Matt can you send me the debug-file from your flash-drive. For playing games on a multimedia-system in some cars. Thanks a lot. T.

Schimtzkatze (id: 151)2017-02-25 16:34:01108.200.74.17
Hi I came across your Real-Time Tree and Foliage Growth Simulator. Very interesting Is there code available to try this out I would like to use if I can incorporate some components to simulate plant evolution.

Coder (id: 147)2017-02-22 11:25:0191.219.167.213
Greetings from Russia. You have good sense of humor.

name (id: 145)2017-02-20 21:36:3770.121.118.142

SlipperyPete (id: 144)2017-02-20 19:44:2945.58.86.230

vexal (id: 1)2016-12-04 18:00:1324.55.5.238
Test 2

test (id: 143)2016-12-04 17:59:5424.55.5.238